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We're bringing the best group of people together for you!

Over the past ten years we have been building a community! Our community consists of the very best locally sourced cleaners, maintenance providers, property inspectors, caterers, & digital technology providers together to build something really special for YOU! Of course, everyone knows "the property" itself is super important to the experience; however, we've learned something really cool over the last decade: It's the people who take care and manage the property that are the ones that turn something good into something really GREAT!  


The vision behind the Lake at Blue Mountains is focused around a repeatable, great experience, bringing together some of the best local professionals that Blue Mountains has to offer.


Wait... wasn't this an old motel?

Back in October 2018, we drove past the Moore's Mountain Lodge which was a staple roadside motel in Blue Mountains for 50+ years and it was FOR SALE!  We asked ourselves the question... "what if we reimagined this 1-acre property into a modern, flexible experience and celebrated the rustic nature of the space?"  We also couldn't believe how close this place was to everything!  It's only 4 minutes to the village, 3 minutes to the Scandinave spa and 7 minutes from Collingwood. Better yet, it was only a 2-minute walk to a private community beach!!!  We also asked ourselves "why can't we celebrate the history and beauty of Georgian Bay?"  So...we did it!  We bought the place and transformed the traditional motel rooms into Boutique Suites which have a clean Beach House vibe.  We turned the old Motel Keepers quarters into a rustic chalet and the rest is history... We've put a ton of energy into this project and we'd be honored to invite you to experience what we've created!


You're probably asking yourself... what is this place? 

While the Lake at Blue Mountains looks like a motel, it operates digitally like a local Airbnb and has the capability to rent out and cater like a full resort for individuals and businesses!  By combining all of these interesting spaces, the unique boutique suites and our rustic chalet, we can pull together an amazing tailored solution for almost every large event, quick stay, family vacation or get-together. 


We're learning as we go, so let us know what you think!

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